Sunday, May 20, 2007


She had no idea where to begin. She was not even sure if she wanted to begin from somewhere. Aspirations flitted in and out of her mind ; nothing strong enough to tempt her, drive her , to make her chase a fleeting shadow. Her life, they said was complete, in every aspect. But she knew otherwise. And yet she did not know where to begin. The thought that was eluding her , refusing to pin her down She paused for a moment and looked inward . The sounds were familiar. Faint and far away , uneven yet continuous. It did not matter. They did not intrude on her thoughts , nor did they bring any memories . It was a reminder - of the cyclic, the mundane , the routine and the mechanical .These sounds do not bother her anymore . Silence does, sometimes , but not these sounds . Three decades of her life swept past her and now it was all eternity to gaze upon. There were those punctuations, some at the right time and some , not always at the right time. The bright mornings, the chirpy birds, the laughter and the gossip came and went like the noisy vehicles on the street below. Faint and far away , uneven and yet continuous . I like that refrain, she thought with a smile. The fingers thrashed the keyboard , a different sound. An unwelcome visitor, a calling that you are not yet ready for . Inevitable , she told herself as she shut her mind and left . The fingers thrashed the keyboard , a different sound . I stopped for a moment and thought about her . So different and yet so similar. Like the sounds . Traveling through my thoughts, I discovered her. I do not know when she slipped into my mind and now, I am searching for that elusive thought that is refusing to pin me down.

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