Friday, April 11, 2008

Hurt...the pain is usually caused by us

There are several injuries that are inflicted on us..A small cut, a slip here and a bruise there..physical injuries are often healed, though the pain, the scars still remain.

And there are the bruises, hidden, unknown to us caused by emotions and people, who constantly inflict the same wound again and again. No amount of insensitivity can cure this, as the mind heals only to 'unheal' again...yet, there is hope as we steel ourselves and pretend to be strong and believe that such emotions do not exist and such people are not required - or we agree to forgive and forget, only to realize that its not human after all to do so...

But finally the wound that never heals is that caused by us, on us. When we hurt ourselves, sometimes knowingly, sometimes willingly , when we allow others to hurt us, inviting the pain, the scars ...those open wounds never heal..when will we ever learn this ?