Thursday, December 31, 2009

The decade that went past

Im celebrating my birthday in another few days and I wonder how quickly 10 years have whizzed past me..just thinking of many hits and misses that happenned in this decade

I fell in love and got married and made the decision to change my focus from professional to personal..

Turned 30 sometime during the decade..remember crying over it, as I enjoyed the 20s all the way..

Moved from Bangalore to Bombay , then to Bangalore and then to Chennai and now, back to abt going in circles !

Quit a career in TV, moved to online when the bust started, and then settled in radio

Realized I enjoy start ups and creating things from scratch.

Took a sabbatical for 2 years and had been on my own at the dawn of the decade and enjoyed it thoroughly.Think I have it in me to be an entrepreneur, but not a consultant.

Learnt to save and even much later to invest.

I realized the writer in me still remained and enjoyed travel writing.Would like this side of me further in 2010

Bit by wanderlust, realized I want to be in the travel space. Travelled quite a bit around the country and even went for a couple of international trips.

Health suffered and weight has been going up and down as fitness levels have come down

Realized I dont need a rich lifestyle to maintain needs are simple

Some of my close friendships have emerged in this decade.A few still remain from the last decade. I still take a long time to make friends

Started blogging and meeting more interesting people and their passions online.

Overall, its been a good decade- from where I started the millenium. A bad year I realized hasnt spoiled the entire basket and I also realize that its all about a perspective..when you look at 10 years that has gone by, a bad job or a bad relationship or even a bad moment doesnt mean anything.What matters is what lasts and in this case, the people around you, the goodwill they bring, the moss that you have gathered in the form of learnings and experience , the health and confidence that you carry is what keeps us in that context 2009 is not such a bad year at all..Except for my health, its been a year where a lot of churn has happenned..and a churn is always good , cos we look at whats left out at the end..not whats gone..Ive got quite a bit on my hands..looking forward to another year and decade...only regret, age is catching up and benchmarks are changing

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What a year..

When I think 2009, Charles Dickens comes to my mind. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..However, Dickens ends the observation as its not so bad at all, but to me it has been rather bad.

I lost quite a lot of months because of illhealth and learnt it the hard way. While the spirit is still willing, the flesh has resigned. Problems unknown to me in the human body cropped up, complications which had no rationale surfaced and somewhere down the line, my immunity to everything cracked. The mind is weak, the body weaker and the brain dead. The year started with ill health of my dad and ended with mine. If I need something very badly in 2010, its a lot of good health and energy and I need to take baby steps now to get there.

I dont want to walk down the memory lane as far as 2009 is will leave it at this..However, 2009 has ended giving me clarity and focus as far as my health is concerned. Its also made me pragmatic and reticent .Its also made me realize that there is no point fretting cos what goes up comes down, feelings and thoughts come and go , people change and everything does have an expiry date..So, I end 2009 on this note

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bombay ki hawa..1

I have always believed that nostalgia is a world that can be real and yet so illusionary. The laughter, the tears, the voices and the moments from the past are so much a part of you and yet they are so distant . You replay those scenes in your mind, the faces become a collage in the album of memories - they seem so tangible that they can be touched and felt and yet, as they come closer, they vanish into thin air..Nostalgia , according to me is then a contradiction of sorts .

On another note, Bombay is a city of paradoxes. The emotions the city arouse in me are like the currents of an ocean whose depth cannot be fathomed. And yet, I plan to go on a nostalgic trip inside a city like Bombay.When journo, blogger and writer, BG asked me about my Bombay days..all I could do was to sigh initially, waiting for the dormant volcano inside me to become active.

So what do I write about my Bombay days ? Do I talk about my loneliness, my insecurities, my dreams, my coming of age or do I describe the energy and my new found spirit of independence ? The masks worn by the people I met as their ambitions keep pace with the fast life and their companions change by the moment ?

Although I have let the city get under my skin, I wonder if it is a stereotype or a city where you keep peeling one layer after another and see something new every time ? Is it the city of dreams or a city where life passes you by like the fast trains of Virar ? Is it a city whose heart lies in Cuffe Parade or in Meera Road? Is it a city where chalta hai and aage bado rub shoulders with each other?

There is so much to think, feel, say and remember..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New year mantra

When its December, its time to get all nostalgic and introspective. Its almost like your mind is conditioned to do the same. Its also time to make new year resolutions and promptly forget about them . I do remember writing a post here about my resolutions for either 2008 or 2009 and just like Ive forgotten the year, Ive forgotten my thoughts too..Nevertheless, December is also a reminder that January brings not just another year , but it also makes me a year older. I love my matter what the statistics say . But with me getting into the wrong side of the 30s, I would like to create a wishlist for myself in the new year. Well, there are so many wants and most of them tangible and material, but here are the 3 key ones that I need imperatively

1. Health - To begin with ,my skin has reminded me that I am aging..well, not referring to the wrinkles, but Ive developed a new allergy called PMLE - which is a UV rays allergy. My dermatologist says I need to develop immunity ..There are teeth rattling, calling for attention and my knees have given up on me a while ago. So, this is going to be focus one..asanas, gym, healthy food..a sucker is waiting for you..

2.A little bit of common sense - Yea. This Ive realized is decreasing in proportion to my age. I dont mind admitting that Im losing it or lost it, but I hope to gain it back this year.

3.My impatience. Another one I lost in my quest for tolerance. The result. I started tolerating all kinds of people and lost my sense of judgement for a while. I need my impatience back and a sense of urgency in my life.

I have more resolutions and wishlists but lets see where I land up with these 3