Friday, October 18, 2013

Hello darkness, my old friend

"Hello Darkness, my old friend, I have come to talk with you again.. "

Listen to S&G,  I realize I was in that phase again. The laughter, the sunshine, the burst of energy, the monkeying around, the lively trips - suddenly they all seem to be locked inside a kaleidoscope which is visible only if I look at it. And then when I shut it, its just the Sound of Silence.'

No wonder my mind resonates with that song.

I am not depressed or exhausted  . But just in a withdrawal phase. Silent. Inactive. Words cannot express my state of mind. Its when you feel everything stands still and yet you move along with the phase of life, doing the things you have to do, saying the things you want to say..yet there is a part that is cocooned and silent and still. The word is stillness not even silence, because even in silence there is music, but in this phase, it just stands still.