Thursday, December 23, 2010

And my dustbin overflows..

Dear Diary

You cant imagine the amount of clutter that swims around in my head just now in the form of thoughts and emotions. I have been waiting to blurt them all out to you, but the moment I landed here, they have all evaporated out of the little window in my head.

But dear diary, I want to talk to you about this little wastepaper basket, lying below me that is overflowing literally with a lot of unwanted paper . I wonder how many trees have been cut to make all this paper.And those pieces of paper - they may have been useful to me at some point of time - a cheque intimation, a proposal , an e ticket, a policy reminder, a wedding invitation, a medical bill, a list of things to do - all lie crushed and torn today in that little basket out there.

Funny , I realize that life is a bit like that . People - friends, family, colleagues - we all lie in some waste paper basket after the need is fulfilled. I think of the many dustbins I may probably be lying in - discarded ..wonder if I was used in the first place to be thrown,if I was of any use to anyone...and I think of the people who have used me ; who probably cried on my shoulders, climbed on them and then flew away..Anyways, we are all pieces of paper ..lifeless, torn and crushed, lying in some wastepaper basket or the other

I look at the pile and wonder about the amount of paper that I have collected over the last year..or was it the last four years ? Yes, dear diary, its been four years since I bought this waste paper basket and the house that it is housed in. Four years since I have moved to Bangalore and all that I have accumulated is a lot of paper . Clutter. And I want them out of my system today. Thoughts and feelings. People. Its time for them to also find a place out of my life into the dustbin. Used or otherwise, they are of no use today. They have outlived their need. Its time for them to be lifeless, torn and discarded.

So, I know what you are thinking - another year ends and I have lost my sanity and gained a lot of weight..But another new year dawns and believe me , there is more paper to be collected .