Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I am a vagabond. I enjoy being one. My mind wanders even while I am not traveling. I am not unstable nor am I lost; just that I am restless,constantly seeking new things ; but my mind does not linger beyond a while on anything .I often wonder what eggs me on...not money or fame,ambition or success ...its not just to fill up the hours every day . I have given my soul ,energy, myself in pursuit of something I dont know. I've enjoyed those hours ,but I feel there is something unreal about them. Its not me out there . Today I want to stop.I want this restlessness to be contained . I realized I have lost myself in the midst of all of this. It took me just a few hours to get in touch with myself to realize what I have been missing ...Its not loneliness, or a sense of feeling alone. Its a great sense of calm, listening to the thoughts racing in my mind,meditating on the flow, talking to myself and being in touch with my core being I dont want to get lost, but I want to lose myself in this moment . A moment of togetherness , with myself

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