Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 is here

Another year and another birthday in a few days..This has almost been my refrain at the dawn of every year.The day has indeed been warm and pleasant and my fingers are typing to the rhythm of the Irish song, Star of the County Down. I promised myself for the nth time that I will write more often in this blog and so, here is my half hearted attempt to put pen to paper.

2012 just looks like a mass of statistics, an ascending order of numbers  that make up for a calender. As I wonder what is in store for me, I am reminded of my professor P Sainath who used to say that as students, it is left to us to make the most of his class. In a similar vein, it is very much up to us to make the most of 2012, irrespective of what the Mayans thought.

I have no clear goals or resolutions this year and as always, I prefer to go with the flow,  but this year Ive decided to set a broad list of guidelines for me. In other words, I am trying to get a bit disciplined , bring in a balance, a method to the madness in my life. .

I would like to bring down the negative influence in my life - that begins with my own negativity inside me - my thoughts and my actions, my temper and my impatience . And I am going to avoid all negative people like the plague. People who throw their insecurities, their inadequacies, their anger and jealousy on me are out of my life.

I need a bit of discipline around me, be it fitness or my approach to work . Less is more - that will be my mantra for everything, including travel . It is not applicable to reading and writing.

And finally good health, good cheer , fitness and loads of energy. ..If I can achieve these even to a bare mimimum, 2012 will be just the year for me