Friday, December 28, 2007

Impressions of a mind

Hi ! I am the mind of an eight year old ..maybe ten ..but I think I have not evolved beyond that . Many decades have swept past, but I am still young . No, I am not childish or immature ..Ive learnt to think ,understand, accept and express..but some of my impressions have not changed..they are what they are when they were eight years old. These impressions are about people , places and events that are recorded ..the adult mind tried to supress me sometimes or merge the perspectives..but I think my impressions are clear.They are recorded in black and white and I am going to tell you what I think.

My first impressions were about good vs bad people. Goodness was associated with kind, affectionate and loving people who gave us gifts, spoke nice words and made us laugh. Bad was associated with people who were rude, jealous, get angry often , selfish who refused to help when in need and were often indifferent. We didnt know what arrogance, cunning and cheating was then . These were just the parameters to judge good or bad.

I was told that I was good when I was silent, smiled , studied well and listened to elders and bad when I got angry and screamed, behaved badly (never knew what that really meant), didnt get 10/10 and refused to listen .Then there were good manners and bad manners. I didnt know if I was a good or a bad child, but always felt that there was always someone better than me . So, I gave up competing (Or did I ? Or is the adult mind in me talking ?)

This post is dedicated to Kamalee , one of my close friends who has been after me to write ..and my mind is now racing..So I dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing

(To be continued ..)