Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I dont know...

I've deleted almost close to 385 emails ...all dated last year .Mostly junk,newsletters , message . I've retained a few - some advices, holiday packages . There was just one from a friend who had sent in his new contact details . I've spent close to a couple of hours doing this . I wondered if I was jobless or lost . Or maybe I could priortise something else. Maybe some shopping.cleaning the wardrobe which I told myself three weeks ago. Or prepare for tomorrow's work. Or just talk to a couple of friends. But its just me doing this in silence in company of some music. Its like a mission accomplished . I feel like I've purged myself. Sent out junk from my life , threw out the unwanted and ready to feel wanted I feel like I'm on the threshold of change . I want change and I dont know where and how to look for it. Should I seek it within myself or around me ?

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