Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What a year..

When I think 2009, Charles Dickens comes to my mind. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..However, Dickens ends the observation as its not so bad at all, but to me it has been rather bad.

I lost quite a lot of months because of illhealth and learnt it the hard way. While the spirit is still willing, the flesh has resigned. Problems unknown to me in the human body cropped up, complications which had no rationale surfaced and somewhere down the line, my immunity to everything cracked. The mind is weak, the body weaker and the brain dead. The year started with ill health of my dad and ended with mine. If I need something very badly in 2010, its a lot of good health and energy and I need to take baby steps now to get there.

I dont want to walk down the memory lane as far as 2009 is will leave it at this..However, 2009 has ended giving me clarity and focus as far as my health is concerned. Its also made me pragmatic and reticent .Its also made me realize that there is no point fretting cos what goes up comes down, feelings and thoughts come and go , people change and everything does have an expiry date..So, I end 2009 on this note


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Keep going forward with that positive frame of mind. I am sure the body will follow..looking forward to a series of posts in 2010 & heres wishing you a very Happy 2010

Aaarti said...

Dont worry..2010 will be better... am sure!! The lessons learnt, the experiences from 2009 will help!! :)
take care and wish u and Sharath a very very apppy new year!!