Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bombay ki hawa..1

I have always believed that nostalgia is a world that can be real and yet so illusionary. The laughter, the tears, the voices and the moments from the past are so much a part of you and yet they are so distant . You replay those scenes in your mind, the faces become a collage in the album of memories - they seem so tangible that they can be touched and felt and yet, as they come closer, they vanish into thin air..Nostalgia , according to me is then a contradiction of sorts .

On another note, Bombay is a city of paradoxes. The emotions the city arouse in me are like the currents of an ocean whose depth cannot be fathomed. And yet, I plan to go on a nostalgic trip inside a city like Bombay.When journo, blogger and writer, BG asked me about my Bombay days..all I could do was to sigh initially, waiting for the dormant volcano inside me to become active.

So what do I write about my Bombay days ? Do I talk about my loneliness, my insecurities, my dreams, my coming of age or do I describe the energy and my new found spirit of independence ? The masks worn by the people I met as their ambitions keep pace with the fast life and their companions change by the moment ?

Although I have let the city get under my skin, I wonder if it is a stereotype or a city where you keep peeling one layer after another and see something new every time ? Is it the city of dreams or a city where life passes you by like the fast trains of Virar ? Is it a city whose heart lies in Cuffe Parade or in Meera Road? Is it a city where chalta hai and aage bado rub shoulders with each other?

There is so much to think, feel, say and remember..


Anjuli said...

u have moved to Mumbai?

Aaarti said...

Was kinda having similar thots today..about Tirunelveli..that town has soo many memories that sometimes i wish i hadnt moved from there...

Lakshmi said...

Anjuli - No, lived there for 5 years before

Aaarti - Yea..good to pen those thoughts..they shape us