Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New year mantra

When its December, its time to get all nostalgic and introspective. Its almost like your mind is conditioned to do the same. Its also time to make new year resolutions and promptly forget about them . I do remember writing a post here about my resolutions for either 2008 or 2009 and just like Ive forgotten the year, Ive forgotten my thoughts too..Nevertheless, December is also a reminder that January brings not just another year , but it also makes me a year older. I love my birthday..no matter what the statistics say . But with me getting into the wrong side of the 30s, I would like to create a wishlist for myself in the new year. Well, there are so many wants and most of them tangible and material, but here are the 3 key ones that I need imperatively

1. Health - To begin with ,my skin has reminded me that I am aging..well, not referring to the wrinkles, but Ive developed a new allergy called PMLE - which is a UV rays allergy. My dermatologist says I need to develop immunity ..There are teeth rattling, calling for attention and my knees have given up on me a while ago. So, this is going to be focus one..asanas, gym, healthy food..a sucker is waiting for you..

2.A little bit of common sense - Yea. This Ive realized is decreasing in proportion to my age. I dont mind admitting that Im losing it or lost it, but I hope to gain it back this year.

3.My impatience. Another one I lost in my quest for tolerance. The result. I started tolerating all kinds of people and lost my sense of judgement for a while. I need my impatience back and a sense of urgency in my life.

I have more resolutions and wishlists but lets see where I land up with these 3


sankarshan said...

all the best for mantra two-O-one-O

Aaarti said...

:) we're all here to help u get there with these resolutions... !!! take care!

rajni said...

a.loss weight
b.be nice to people who love you.

Lakshmi said...

sankarshan - Thanks..

aarti - :) thanks ..need all the help

rajni - losing weight is an on -off thing..not so much a resultion..as for your second suggestion, I would say,it depends on the people..

Tathagata Ghosh said...

dropped by your blog for the first time.liked it...so,here i am ... your follower...
keep blogging! :)

Sorcerer said...

common sense... I think we gain it each year!!

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Good Wishes And I have to say what resolution I am thinking of:
Wake Up.