Saturday, November 17, 2007


She couldnt get over those pair of eyes. They haunted her . Cold, glassy, harsh. ..She averted her eyes as the gazes met . Sharp and steely they pierced through her almost cutting her insides.

It was a beautiful, innocent face ..Soft, fair and childlike. But a face that you wouldnt give a second glance , a face easy to forget amongst the millions that we face everyday..Yet those eyes made the face unforgettable ..

Something told her that the eyes did not belong to the face . The lips curved into a smile, but the eyes burnt like fire . A glare that almost burnt her face as she looked into them .

She closed her eyes and lay back ..thinking about the day, people who have made her day and those who didnt ..And only the eyes stared back..Was there a hurt she saw , an anger that spoke through them , a cruel act that was witnessed ? She would never know because she had never asked ..And the face became faceless except for those eyes..

Sleep beckoned .


I am said...

This was the post which caught my attention. You write very well..

backpakker said...

Thanks I am

Rambler said...

thats the beauty of the eyes isn't it they are supposed to open doors one way, but they seem to open both sides..

backpakker said...

true..and they are open to interpretations as well..