Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A day in his life

The swagger, the smile. He was born with it. The arrogance, the attitude. He loved to flaunt it.

A beam of the morning sun fell scross his face . With a violent jerk, he pulled the curtains apart. The soft rays filled his room . He glared back at the sun. He knew his gaze was more powerful. He cannot have a competitor in his lifetime. He was the rising sun

He knew he was going to win..he had known it always.Luck or skill, he didnt care . He was always told that he was a winner and he let everyone know that . The losers didnt just lose just money or fame, for he made sure that they lost their self respect, their strength . "Never allow them to rise . They should never be able to rise, his scheming mentor told him ." He didnt believe in mentors either. They were there till he needed them - just another gratification

He had it all and he knew he never had to work for it. He simply claimed it . Others just bore his burden .

He smiled. It was a smirk . He mocked destiny. It was in his control. He loved it all. The adulation, the adoration , the admiration. The applause still rang in his ears.

The sky changed colours. Blue,pink, purple,black. The colours of life. Time moved. On the other hand, time stood still . He walked into the room. The curtain was drawn .Silence strangled him. He sat on the edge of the bed and the tears rolled. Sobs pierced through the silence. Like a hungry animal, the scream erupted from his insides and ripped through his throat . A savage cry .He raved, roared and fell in agony..he lay drained, his head covered under the pillow, his face drenched by his tears and sweat. Silence . He knew it then. He had it all yet he had nothing


I am said...

beautiful. the starting sounded like Ann Ryan's 'Fountain Head'

Cosmic Joy said...

You write very well. I am glad to have found your blog. I will surely be checking it regularly :)

RustyNeurons said...

the loss can be equally painful (to an otherwise powerful person or to a human who is bound by various threads of obligations and needs)

Anonymous said...

Amazing and Awesome :) I wonder all the power/richness why brings loneliness and tears piggy backed .

P.S : you should pursue your dream of writing the book seriously .

mark said...

wow-- very good b-p

backpakker said...

I am - thanks and welcome to my blog. howard roark - i quite liked him .

cosmic joy - thank you and please come often..i try to write these days ...its like a monster coming out

rusty - loss is always painful ..sometimes the pain is always there - emptiness can be very painful .

sunshine - true..life is very hollow ..thanks for the motivation..need to push myself

mark - thanks ..life is a paradox isnt it ? you find successful smart people, yet lonely and sad..we all live double lives , sometimes

Anjuli said...

Agree with "I am" and I love Howard Roard too, but honestly i did not quite understand it, was kind of too heavy for me to understand :-( Nevertheless, I liked it and can say without any doubts that you write really well!

Anjuli said...

Oops! Howard Roark I mean!

Sigma said...

Beautiful! its strong and poignant! As others have expressed, you should follow up on your dream of writing a book!

btw, a few lines from Javed Akhtar's Tarqash:
Yu.n woh ik roz baDa mohra bana
Ab woh mehfooz hai ik khane mei.n
Itna mehfooz ki dushman to alah
Dost bhi paas nahi.n aa sakte

backpakker said...

Anjuli - Its about a day in a mans life who thinks he has everything in life only to find that his life is very empty in spite of all the success and fame .

Sigma - Thanks for the lovely words..I try to write a para every day, but fail very badly ..maybe I shd start with first a plot / story in mind

Aaarti said...

Now, that was powerful, and beautiful..

Such a paradox!!! .. as i was telling u, i have met so many, i think they have it all, but deep inside they are just lonely souls...

u shd write more :D

backpakker said...

Im trying to write more..but no plots or characters interest me :)

Aaarti said...

Hey Lakshmi

Thanks for ur comments... i did google about that writers island and this is the blog.. :)



backpakker said...

Hi Aaarti,

Thought you may be interested in writing there ..