Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dreams, desires and death

Pijush has tagged me again and this time its about dreams and desires that I want to fulfill before I die ... I have a lot of them,so hopefully death will wait awhile- a morbid thought indeed..but kal kya ho kisne jaana ?

1. Travel - I will start with the obvious and this will be the longest a vagabond, all I want is the heavens above and a road below ..and while I want to travel and see as many places as possible, some are must . Amongst international destinations, I want to go to the Mediterranean including Greece, Italy and Egypt , UK (must see Keats' home and country houses that PG Wodehose describes in his books) and France .

In India, I want to visit Lakshwadeep, Ladakh, Himachal and Uttaranchal and Rajasthan , especially the palaces, forts and the hevelis . I want to trek to Gangotri and Gomukh and the Valley of Flowers .I also want to visit Rameshwaram, Thanjavur , Karwar and travel down the Buddhist trail . I want to see as many wild life sanctuaries as possible and see a tiger at least once in the wild. I want to learn names of all Indian birds and learn to identify them in the wild .

2. Roots - I want to get in touch with my roots and understand more about my ancestors. I want to go to as many villages as possible and see where my ancestors came from and go back in time.I will include my husband's family as well in this quest

3.Live in a small town/ village - I want to live away from the city , in a small Utopia that exists ..

4.Take my parents to The Himalayas . Especially my mother .

5.My dream company - My vision . I want to set it up and see it grow . I want to be an entrepreuner .

6.Write - I want to write a book - the story of the people I have met in my life ..I want to pursue my literary interests again..

7.My dream home - This is a bit materialistic..but I want to have a dream home tucked away in a corner..a small cottage built in ethnic style , with envirnoment friendly materials with huge trees and gardens and streams flowing around ..with birds and fish giving me company

8.Cook - I want to be a good cook !

9.My nature - I want to learn to be calm and patient and control my temper

10.My death - I want to live ...and live life to the fullest and I want my friends and family around me always


chitra said...

I think you should never visit the past but just make a note it. It might help to chose the future better.

backpakker said...

umm ..a good thought ! though I dont see anything in this list which is based in the past..if its the ancestors bit- well, i want to know more about me through them

Pijush said...

Wonderful Lakhsmi, I am totally impressed. It seems that both of our thoughts matches a lot. 1,2,6,7,9,10 is exact match, yes 9 also :-)
Actually I dont agree with Chitra, past gives inspiration in our bad times, rejuvenates us in failure. It helped me lot, but what I try is to forget the bad things. It hurts.
Thanks a lot for picking up the tag and I can suggest you one thing. You can track your ancestors by one simple test, read my posts on genographic project in the blog.

backpakker said...

Thanks Pijush..It goes to show that our dreams are relatively simple ...BTW, can you tell me how I can merge two blogs..have decided to take your suggestion

mark said...

oh, Keats's place, what a good idea, b-p; and maybe his grave?...and the phrase above, "kal kya...", how musical sounding! you mind translating?

backpakker said...

Keats is my favourite poet ..Kal Kya hoga kisne jaana is Hindi - The literal translation is " who knows what will happen tomorrow ? "

Anonymous said...

@Backpakker: A very honest lisiting I must say !!

in my case the very thought death sends that cold shiver thro my spine; stopping me from enjoying these moments in life :(

backpakker said...

yes..its morbid ..

Sigma said...

Once again, a wonderful post. It would be interesting to know about our roots - how did we reach where we are today.

backpakker said...

Thanks Sigma. Ive been trying to understand the same, but its quite complex

Anonymous said...

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