Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What is the real issue ?

I do not know who Honey Singh is. I have never heard of Asaram Bapu . These are men who have been hogging the limelight in media for all the wrong reasons,  along with a multitude of politicians who have suddenly realized that they all have their views on rape and that needs to be shared with the nation. 

 I am not into politics. And I do not usually watch TV news. I hardly read the headlines as well. However the last few days, news- hard and gruesome news have been published, telecast and bombarded upon us. While the nation rose in protest against the gang rape , the media found in it fodder for weeks. It helped initially as the media was rallying around the people and demanding for justice and a stronger law against rapists.

And yet with the death of the tragic victim, the issue is, in my mind being diluted and lost in a cacophony of voices of people who have their two bit to say . And that in turn is being debated and discussed by another cacophony of voices.

Are we losing sight of the real agenda here ? Rapes have been on  in the country for ages and yet they were considered yet another casualty. It took a brave girl who fought until death a gruesome gang rape to awaken the people. The media took up the issue but instead of focusing on the real agenda here is quoting every Tom, Dick and Harry and their opinions on rape. And then there is outrage.

The entire issue is being diluted and lost in the clutter. Do we really need to know their views? Cant the media differentiate between need to know, nice to know and not nice to know information ? Can we stop giving them airtime as well and focus on just one single thing - a strong law and even a stronger enforcement of it against the rapists ?


Ravi said...

100% with you on this. Well said.

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