Sunday, March 9, 2008

8 is not my lucky number...

Another tag..this time its about all things 8. Aarti has tagged me and here I am thinking about ..

8 songs I like
Im more into retro Hindi and tamil music , so I am listening currently to

1.Tum Pukar Lo - Hemant kumar, Khamoshi

2.Sun Ja Dil Ki Dastaan - Hemant Kumar, Jaal

3.Baar Baar Dekho - Mohd Rafi, China Town

4.Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb thi - Kishore Kumar, Khamoshi

5.Nilaave Vaa - SPB, Mouna Ragam

6.En Iniya Pon Nilave - Yesudas, Moodu Pani

7.Raaja Raaja Cholan - Yesudas, Reetai Vaal Kuruvi

8.Kaatre - Johnny

8 things I want to do before I die - Ive done this already, but here is a quick synopsis
1.Travel and see as many places before I die

2.Write a book

3.Set up a little company of own own

4.Build a small house with big trees, gardens, streams around and live close to nature

5.Understand my roots better

6.Take my mother to the Himalayas

7.I want to be a better cook

8.And I want to control my temper

8 things I say often ..
1.Ummm or Aaan

2.Where are we going (as in travelling )next ?

3.Chill na

4.I want to sleep

5.You know what

6.I dont feel like cooking

7.Damn funny

8.I have an idea

8 books Ive read recently
1.Kite runner

2.The Case of the Bonsai manager

3.Pigs have Wings

4.Myth = Mithya

5.Devil and Miss Prym

6.Daughter of China

7.A Tale of Two Cities

8.Murder in the Orient Express

8 things that attract me to my friends.. I dont know and I am just guessing
1.Sense of humour

2.I listen at least I pretend to

3.I do not impose - live and let live

4.Im quite chilled out - simple, not many hang ups

5.Dependent - maybe to a certain extent..

6.My hubby says its a steak of madness in me ..

7.I dont expect anything - so it suits them

8. ...I dont know - I leave it to a friend to add

8 things I am passionate about




5.My space

6.History & Mythology


8.Calvin and Hobbes

Ok..Im not tagging if anyone is interested, pls pick it up and let me know..


"SunShine" said...

Nice read :-)

Not expecting anything a state of Nirvana :P and very difficult practically.

Do send me a copy of your book whenever you write; will love to read it !!

Aaarti said...

Cool interesting answers...
esp - My hubby says its a steak of madness in me...
dont we all???;)

Ashu said...

hey coooool tag :))))))

Solitaire said...

8 is my lucky number but doing this tag seems boring! 8 things for every category?! Was it boring for you?

mayz said...

wow!!! u get tagged often