Monday, February 25, 2008

The Secret Seven Tag

Whenever I run out of inspiration to write a post, I get tagged and lo ! a post is born.This time my muse is Smita, who has tagged me to talk about seven facts about myself..While I was trying to ask the question who or what am I , a few surprises came my way too as I realized what I think I am is not really what I am today ..nevertheless , honesty prevails here I am - exposed !!

1. My name is Lakshmi Sharath, born in Madras, based in Bangalore and trying hard to connect with the city. A media professional who after 15 years of work is now taking a sabattical (really?)Ok..No, actually am trying to set up something in the online travel space in the garb of a break and is hoping will actually go places !!

2.Things I cannot resist - packing my bags,cashewnuts, chocolates and ice cream, comedy films with popcorn, Calvin and Hobbes and PG Wodehose books

3.What I need desperately - 8 hours sleep

4.My fears -lizards, darkness,my temper,migraine, having no alternatives and rotting and wasting away life

5.I am very impulsive, impatient and easily prejudiced ...and usually takes a while to knock a notion off my head..

6.I am extremely restless, hyperactive and grow out of my interests , jobs very quickly..I constantly need new things, parents always used to say that I have wheels on my feet and my hubby thinks its a challenge to channelise my energies.

7.I used to hate posing for photographs as a kid and I still do..most of my pictures dont show me smiling..

As usual,its the end and I dont want to tag anyone in particular..its great to read about all your secret seven thoughts-so I request all of you who drop in here to pick up the thread and if you want me to read abt it, pls drop in a comment and let me know


Smita said...

Thanks :) We do have a lot in common :))

Anonymous said...

good tag :)

mayz said...

hmmm interestin wats this online travel thing u r doin?? is it smthn like a yatra or makemytrip or somethin else??

mark said...

gee-- good to see this--i was a little worried about you! (lovely name, by the way)..

backpakker said...

Smita - I guess most of us certain qualities which are surprised tht we thought similar too :)

Ashu - thanks

mayz - I cannot tell u in a few words but will try . Please check - only the intro - the concept is loaded as the site is under construction..its unlike the a sense that Im focussing on customisation and niche segments..I believe travel is personal and cannot become a commodity .check out my blog -it will gv you an insight as well-pls do let me know what you think..

Mark - Thanks for those kind words..Murphy from the land of laws has been visiting me this month -so there has been a lot of issues one had to cope with..however the one good thing is Ive taken the first step towards setting up my travel project-do check and let me know what you think

mark said...

that site is well done lakshmi: has an interesting delicacy

Solitaire said...

I hate the first thing that you hate did you manage to type that word..

Apun Ka Desh said...

Good info. abt urself. Keep writing.

Standbymind said...

we all get know some stuff about ya

shelley said...

Lakshmi, you have an amazing way with words - I wish I had the same gift. Thank you for sharing these things about yourself! You sound like a down-to-earth person.

backpakker said...

Mark - Thank you..

Solitaire - gives that yucky feeling

apun ka desh - inspiration comes in small doses..thanks

Standby mind - true..thats what tagging does

Shelley - Thank you..I think human nature is pretty simple..we make it complicated :)

Sigma said...

Hi! Nice to know about you :-)
Best of luck with your venture!