Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving on ..

A silent scream ripped her throat . A scream that was soaked with her suppressed anger, hurt and misplaced affection . The scream ended all that loud cacophany of voices that were thundering in her mind. There were no coherant thoughts or words that could express them . The scream . It was voiceless . Her world was encased in silence .

The anger - she directed on herself . A lack of judgement after so many years . The world she realized was divided into two kinds of people - hypocrites and fools ; the manipulators and the manipulated .

The distant hum of rain grew louder in her ear drums drowning her own thoughts It had created quite a pattern on her window pane . Drops of water flowed down , washing the dust that had etched their mark on the glass . She looked outward . The cars were going in different directions . A new perspective , a cleaner look . She picked up the jigsaw puzzle and realized that it was not worth solving .


Smita said...

Its a scream which will come again. and again. and again. But you are not alone. And this will not last.

RustyNeurons said...

Lovely piece of writing! why did you ever think you cant express freely?

backpakker said...

Smita - Thanks..I can already the echoes fading away .
Rustyneurons - Thanks again ..expression comes when the feelings are explicable and thoughts are coherant . also its a writers block i guess